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Invasive species in Portugal

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coastal wattle

silver wattle, mimosa, blue wattle

sweet thorn, karroo thorn, mimosa thorn

Sydney golden wattle, golden wattle

black wattle, Australian acacia, green wattle, tan wattle

Australian blackwood, blackwood, acacia blackwood

golden wattle

water wattle

Port Jackson wattle, blue-leaved wattle

century plant, agave, American agave, American aloe

croftonweed, sticky snakeroot, Mexican devil, catweed, eupatory

tree-of-heaven, Chinese sumac

capeweed, South African capeweed

giant reed, giant cane

annual saltmarsh aster

ice plant, iceplant, highway iceplant, Hottentot fig, sea fig

Lily of the Valley Tree

hairy fleabane, Argentine fleabane, fleabane

Canadian fleabane, Canadian horseweed

tall fleabane, broad-leaved fleabane, fleabane

pampas grass, silver pampas grass

brassbuttons, common brassbuttons

jimsonweed, common thorn apple, devils trumpet, jamestown weed, stinkwort

water hyacinth, common water hyacinth, water orchid

Canadian pondweed, common elodea, Canadian waterweed, American elodea, broad waterweed

Karwinsky’s fleabane, daisy fleabane, daisy, Latin American fleabane, Mexican daisy, seasurface daisy

giant sea holly

blue gum, Tasmanian blue gum, common eucalyptus

Chilean gunnera, Chilean rhubarb, giant rhubarb

willow-leaved hakea

silky hakea

kahili ginger, kahila garland-lily, wild ginger

blue morning glory, blue dawn flower

parrotfeather, Brazilian watermilfoil

prickly pear, barbary fig, cactus pear, Indian fig, Indian fig prickly pear, Indian pricklypear, mission fig, smooth prickly pear

bermuda buttercup, buttercup oxalis, soursob

plume albizia, mountain albizia

knotgrass, ditch grass, jointgrass, water couch, wiregrass, mercer grass

pokeweed, American pokeweed, pokeberry

pittosporum, sweet pittosporum, Australian boxwood, cheesewood

black locust, false acacia, locust tree, yellow locust

dusty miller, silver ragwort

dense-flowered cordgrass, austral cordgrass

wandering Jew, white-flowered spiderwort, small-leaf spiderwort, wandering creeper